58th webmontag Berlin – StartUP/DOWN/NOW

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Last monday round about 85 people came to the webmontag Berlin at mobile suite coworking space. And nearly 50% of them visited us for the first time.

As special guests we had Ciarán O’Leary (VC from earlybird) and Fabian Guhl (ex-founder of AllesAnna). Ciarán explained us the job of a VC  and what rules to follow as a startup. Fabian told us his very personal story of AllesAnna, his failed startup. For me – and many other attendees – this was a special moment. Getting those details about what happend, what worked, what his employees thought and did… Thank you very much Fabian!

58th webmontag Berlin

By the way: Fabian is just founding his next thing. This time a location-based startup and he is looking for an IT-addicted co-founder or CTO. Feel free to contact him.

Lutz Villalba-Adorno pitched his idea Navegas. The one-in-all-platform for music. Nicolas Graf von Kanitz and Stephan Eyl showed us tricider – a nice and smart brainstorming and voting tool. As pronounced I’ll started a ‘tricide’ about topics for our webmontag next week.

After a short break Lutz, Clara (crowdpark), Fabian and Ciarán did an “Dos&Donts As A Startup” panel and we ended the webmontag berlin with some beers (sponsored by crowdpark) and networking.

Thanks to everybody – I hope you enjoyed it like us. Pictures and a short video will follow.


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