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Oh, what a night: Webmontag Berlin Creativity Contest & Summer Party 2012

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What many of you had been working on, what our team had spent many hours on its organization, and what everyone who had registered was very much looking forward to, was finally taking place: our

Coding & Creativity Contest and Summer Party!

On monday, June 4th, we, the Webmontag Team, were really glad to welcome such a large crowd of people at Festsaal Kreuzberg: we were more than 400 attendees! We even had had to raise up the number of tickets the days before, for giving as many people as possible the chance to take part. This was the largest Webmontag Berlin has ever seen!

As it was still pretty warm (at least compared with the weeks before), many just stayed outside, others went inside the building where you could hear the music much better – and where it, as time passed, also might have been a little cozier than outside. While you, our guests, took the first free drinks at one of our bars, get together with friends and meet new people, our jury was already taking a close look at the competitors‘ entries.

As the participants of our contest had handed in their contributions like designs, templates and much more already a few days before, we had been really excited what our jury‘s decisions would be. Our jury was made up of Francis Vargas, Mathias Fiedler, Michael Kühle, Manuel Schmutte and Jay Meissner and we have to admit: they did not have an easy job to choose the best out of all those great entries. But finally, they could figure out the best of all entries that were really worth a prize, and the decisions were made.

That was the moment when everyone was invited to come inside the Festsaal for hearing whose creative idea had won one of the special prizes. Of course, especially the participants were pretty excited now.

And then – the ceremony got started and Manuel and Jay unveiled whose creative ideas had convinced the jury.

And the winners were …

For the Best Designs:

1st prize, the new Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection went to Francesco Manciocchi.

2nd prize, the …. went to Tristan Hohne.

Francesco, Tristan, Manuel and Jay

The very proud and happy winners (if you doubt that: take a look at our photos on Facebook, and you will see them smiling) were called to come on the stage and say something about the intentions and ideas that are now expressed by the result of the work they‘d done the weeks before.

After this official part of the event, the party could get started. And – it was an awesome one: The barkeepers did a great job and served delicious drinks, the people were in a great mood, talking, networking, and enjoying the event. And, not-to-forget: we had made it to engage top DJs: DJ Jan Mir ( and DJ Egokind ( Both of them put on music that made the place burn.

The sun was already rising when the last people left the place. Tired, but happy, and with music in their heads.

Webmontag Sommerparty at Festsaal Kreuzberg

And now‘s the time for us, the Webmontag Team, to say thank you.

First of all, to all our sponsors – due to you, this event could be realized and become such a great success. So many thanks go to
Adobe (premium), Crowdpark (gold), exozet (silver), ezeep (bronze) …

Thanks once more to all competitors for their creativity and their entries, we really appreciated that – and each of you did a very good job.

And: thanks to YOU – for being there, drinking with us, talking to us, enjoying the evening and making this party the great event it was.

And remember: next Webmontag‘s coming soon. See you there!

Webmontag Berlin Sommerparty powered by Adobe & Friends

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Berlin’s webscene is marking the start of summer season with the Webmontag Berlin Sommerparty. The party will be on June, 4th at Festsaal Kreuzberg. Beginning will be at 8.00pm but admission is possible around 7.00pm.

Space is limited, so be quick and register now!

At the event our sponsor Adobe© and the Webmontag Berlin Team are awarding the prizes for our Creativ- und Coding competition which had been launched at our Berlin web week event earlier this month.

We are looking forward seeing you at the party enjoying an awesome Berlin summer night.

Thanks to our sponsors: Adobe (premium), Crowdpark (gold), exozet (silver), ezeep (bronze) …



Creativity and Coding Contest presented by Webmontag Berlin/ Kreativ- und Codingcontest von Webmontag Berlin

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On Monday, 07 May, the starting pistol for the big Creativity and Coding Contest presented by Webmontag and Adobe was fired.

We‘re searching the best ideas for a good cause. And you should take part!

What‘s it all about?

  • Sozialhelden e.V., a Berlin assosiation, are being active in sensitizing people for social problems, making them re-think their opinions, doing a lot of persuading and also providing assistance, e.g. with projects like Pfandtastisch, their new App BrokenLifts or the Wheelmap-App.
  • Or do you want to support Berlin Webmontag? Since about six years, this monthly event brings people together: Entrepreneurs, people with great business ideas, web- and social media-people and many others who enjoy networking. The organizers, Mathias Fiedler, Michael Kühle, Manuel Schmutte and Francis Varga, need a Doodle-App or a Twitter-Wall for Webmontag and would be really glad if you want to support them and their event that brings people together.

What should I do? I need a briefing!

  • Sozialhelden need a re-design of their wordpress-based site ( The site is, as their founder Raúl Krauthausen says, really overloaded and obsolete, Firefox shuts down when you try to open it. Sozialhelden would enjoy a new look for the site for presenting the large amount of content more user-friendly and appealing. Creative, funny ideas that make clear for people what the association is doing, would be really great. A one-pager would be a good approach, also having an own site for each of their projects and social media-integration (especially their Facebook fan page). No matter if you want to create a new WordPress theme, template, design, an animation or something else – there are no limits
  • The Webmontag-team would love to have a Doodle-App or a Twitter-Wall, this is how you can support the four organizers and their event.

Dream something up and come on in!
Why should I take part in the contest?

It‘s for a very good cause. Sozialhelden have been doing explanatory and educational work for years up to now, they‘re demanded consultants and experts and they‘re doing their best for convincing people and politicians of the importance of accessibility and freedom of barriers – and for making this world a better place for everyone. And they need you!
The Webmontag-guys who work in different parts of the (social) web organise the monthly event in their free time and organise supporters and advertisors for allowing it as many people as possible to network and get to know each other. The best thing about it: your dedication is rewarded! Together with Adobe, we offer prices worth many thousand Euros like the brand-new Creative Creative Suite 6 Master Collection and Creative Suite 6 Design & Web Premium.

It‘s worth it!
How much time do I have?

You can send in your idea / concept from now on, closing date is 01 june.

All right, I‘m in! What should I do now?

  1. Notify us as fast as possible that you‘ll take part in the competition. You can reach us via E-Mail (, on Twitter (@webmontag_b) or on Facebook.
  2. Take a look at what Webmontag or Sozialhelden do, what they work for, which content they present on their website, and figure out what you want to engage for.
  3. Develop an idea (design, animation, WordPress-template / -theme, …) – no limits for your ideas!
  4. Ready? Got everything together? – Go! Send in your contribution until 01 june under

Done! What‘s happening then?

At 01 june, a jury is taking a look at all contributions. And on 04 june, at Webmontag‘s summer party (Register here!), the winners are being declare.

Do something good, send in your idea and win one of the great prizes!
We‘re keeping our fingers crossed for you!


Beim Webmontag am 07. Mai fiel er: der Startschuss für den großen Kreativ- und Codingcontest von Webmontag und Adobe.

Wir suchen die besten Ideen für eine tolle Sache: Du solltest mitmachen!

Worum geht es?

  • Die Berliner Sozialhelden e.V. engagieren sich seit Jahren für Aufmerksamkeit statt Mitleid. Sie wollen Menschen für gesellschaftliche Probleme sensibilisieren, zum Umdenken bewegen und leisten neben viel Überzeugungsarbeit auch praktische Hilfe – mit Projekten wie Pfandtastisch, der neuen App BrokenLifts oder der Wheelmap.
  • Oder möchtest Du den Berliner Webmontag unterstützen? Seit mittlerweile über sechs Jahren trifft sich in Berlin monatlich eine bunte Mischung aus Entrepreneurs, Menschen mit fantastischen Geschäftsideen, der Internetbranche und vielen anderen, die mit dem Internet, Social Media zu tun oder einfach gute Ideen haben. Die Macher des Berliner Webmontags, Mathias Fiedler, Michael Kuehle, Manuel Schmutte und Francis Varga, brauchen eine Doodle-App oder eine Twitterwall für den Webmontag und freuen sich, wenn Du diese Veranstaltung, die seit Jahren Menschen zusammenbringt, unterstützen möchtest.

Was ist zu tun? Ich will ein Briefing!

Die Sozialhelden benötigen ein Redesign ihrer Website, die auf WordPress basiert. Die Seite ist, so Sozialhelden-Gründer Raúl Krauthausen, heillos überfrachtet und in die Jahre gekommen, Firefox geht mittlerweile in die Knie, wenn man sie öffnet. Die Sozialhelden wünschen sich einen neuen Look für die Seite, um die Vielzahl von Inhalten noch ansprechender und benutzerfreundlich zu präsentieren. Herumspinnen, kreative, leichte, lustige Ansätze, die jedem sofort klar machen, was die Sozialhelden tun, das alles wäre sehr großartig.
Ein One-Pager wäre schön, und da die Sozialhelden eine Vielzahl von Projekten haben, wäre es auch eine Idee, jedem Projekt eine eigene Seite zu widmen, auch die Integration von Social Media und eine Einbindung der Facebook-Fanpage stehen auf der Wunschliste. Egal, ob ein neues Theme, Template, Design, eine Animation, eine Kombination aus mehreren Ansätzen – eurer Fantasie sind keine Grenzen gesetzt. Für den Webmontag: eine tolle Doodle-App oder eine Twitterwall wäre das, womit Du hier etwas Gutes tun kannst.

Lass Dir etwas einfallen und mach‘ mit!
Warum soll ich mitmachen?

Es ist für etwas wirklich Gutes. Die Sozialhelden um Raúl Krauthausen betreiben seit Jahren Aufklärungsarbeit, sind gefragte Ansprechpartner in ihren Fachgebieten und setzen alles daran, auf charmante Weise Menschen und Politiker davon zu überzeugen, wie wichtig Barrierefreiheit ist. Sie tun alles, um diese Welt für unterschiedslos alle zu einembesseren Ort zu machen.

Und sie benötigen Deine Unterstützung. Ebenso wie die Macher des Webmontags. Die vier, die in verschiedenen Bereichen des (Social) Webs arbeiten, organisieren in ihrer Freizeit die Veranstaltung, kümmern sich um Unterstützer und Werbung, um möglichst vielen Teilnehmern das Netzwerken in dieser einzigartigen Umgebung zu ermöglichen.

Und das beste am Wettbewerb: Dein Einsatz wird belohnt! Auf die Gewinner warten Preise im Wert von mehreren tausend Euro, zur Verfügung gestellt von Adobe. Darunter: die brandneue Creative Creative Suite 6 Master Collection sowie die Creative Suite 6 Design & Web Premium. Mitmachen lohnt sich!

Wie viel Zeit habe ich?

Du kannst ab sofort Deinen Beitrag einreichen. Einsendeschluss ist der 01. Juni.

Ok, ich will mitmachen! Was soll ich jetzt genau tun?

  1.  Benachrichtige uns möglichst schnell, dass Du teilnehmen möchtest. Du erreichst uns per Mail (, auf Twitter (@webmontag_b) oder auf Facebook.
  2. Sieh Dir am besten an, was wir vom Webmontag und was die Sozialhelden machen, wie sie arbeiten und welche Inhalte sie auf ihrer Website präsentieren, und suche Dir aus, wofür Du Dich engagieren möchtest.
  3. Entwickle eine Idee (Design, Animation, WordPress-Template / -Theme, …) – Deiner Fantasie sind keine Grenzen gesetzt!
  4. Fertig? Und hast Du alle Unterlagen beisammen? Dann reiche Deinen Beitrag bis zum 01. Juni ein unter

Erledigt! Wie geht es dann weiter?

Anfang Juni wird eine Jury die hoffentlich zahlreichen Beiträge sichten. Bei der Webmontag-Sommerparty am 04. Juni (bitte anmelden!) werden die Gewinner bekanntgegeben.

Tu‘ etwas Gutes, mach‘ mit Deiner Idee mit und gewinne einen der tollen Preise!
Wir wünschen Dir jetzt schon viel Erfolg.