Oh, what a night: Webmontag Berlin Creativity Contest & Summer Party 2012

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What many of you had been working on, what our team had spent many hours on its organization, and what everyone who had registered was very much looking forward to, was finally taking place: our

Coding & Creativity Contest and Summer Party!

On monday, June 4th, we, the Webmontag Team, were really glad to welcome such a large crowd of people at Festsaal Kreuzberg: we were more than 400 attendees! We even had had to raise up the number of tickets the days before, for giving as many people as possible the chance to take part. This was the largest Webmontag Berlin has ever seen!

As it was still pretty warm (at least compared with the weeks before), many just stayed outside, others went inside the building where you could hear the music much better – and where it, as time passed, also might have been a little cozier than outside. While you, our guests, took the first free drinks at one of our bars, get together with friends and meet new people, our jury was already taking a close look at the competitors‘ entries.

As the participants of our contest had handed in their contributions like designs, templates and much more already a few days before, we had been really excited what our jury‘s decisions would be. Our jury was made up of Francis Vargas, Mathias Fiedler, Michael Kühle, Manuel Schmutte and Jay Meissner and we have to admit: they did not have an easy job to choose the best out of all those great entries. But finally, they could figure out the best of all entries that were really worth a prize, and the decisions were made.

That was the moment when everyone was invited to come inside the Festsaal for hearing whose creative idea had won one of the special prizes. Of course, especially the participants were pretty excited now.

And then – the ceremony got started and Manuel and Jay unveiled whose creative ideas had convinced the jury.

And the winners were …

For the Best Designs:

1st prize, the new Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection went to Francesco Manciocchi.

2nd prize, the …. went to Tristan Hohne.

Francesco, Tristan, Manuel and Jay

The very proud and happy winners (if you doubt that: take a look at our photos on Facebook, and you will see them smiling) were called to come on the stage and say something about the intentions and ideas that are now expressed by the result of the work they‘d done the weeks before.

After this official part of the event, the party could get started. And – it was an awesome one: The barkeepers did a great job and served delicious drinks, the people were in a great mood, talking, networking, and enjoying the event. And, not-to-forget: we had made it to engage top DJs: DJ Jan Mir (http://soundcloud.com/jan-mir) and DJ Egokind (http://soundcloud.com/egokind). Both of them put on music that made the place burn.

The sun was already rising when the last people left the place. Tired, but happy, and with music in their heads.

Webmontag Sommerparty at Festsaal Kreuzberg

And now‘s the time for us, the Webmontag Team, to say thank you.

First of all, to all our sponsors – due to you, this event could be realized and become such a great success. So many thanks go to
Adobe (premium), Crowdpark (gold), exozet (silver), ezeep (bronze) …

Thanks once more to all competitors for their creativity and their entries, we really appreciated that – and each of you did a very good job.

And: thanks to YOU – for being there, drinking with us, talking to us, enjoying the evening and making this party the great event it was.

And remember: next Webmontag‘s coming soon. See you there!

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