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Webmontag Berlin #68 | “Tech. Architectures” (from Dev’s to Dev’s)

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— IT-focused large scaled Startups give insights into their architecture —

At the 68th Webmontag, 3 Berlin based Techstartups are going to talk about their IT-architecture and -infrastructure with which they handle millions of visits/request.

The speakers will not only outline the current state of their systems, but will also talk about their learnings and the evolution from the first visitor till today.

Even though this Webmontag will be much more tech-focused then the recent ones, it won‘t be a “nerd-only”. So everyone else (business, marketing, etc etc ) feel free to come over and get an idea what it takes to build and run large scale applications.

So who will be up on stage?

Who is Bastian Hoffmann:
Bastian is a Software Engineer at ResearchGate, a social network for scientists, working there on everything API related. Before that he was responsible for the integration of OpenSocial, OAuth, OpenID and other open standards into the largest german based social networks, studiVZ, schülerVZ and meinVZ. He is also a frequent speaker on international web technology conferences, always trying to promote open standards and protocols. This, together with his activity in the OpenSocial foundation and as a committer and PMC member for the Apache Shindig project makes him a strong advocate for the vision of an truly open and distributed social web.

Who is Francis Varga:
Francis is passionate about using the most cutting-edge technologies to solve problems in innovative ways. He has led teams of over 20 people, driving them to find complex solutions using the latest technology.
Francis focuses on workflow optimization. Strategy is integral to his development technique, prioritizing scalability and performance. He harnesses social media to evangelize several products and technologies that spark his geek excitement. His charisma allows him to build up communities around the tools that he finds most compelling.

Who is Knut Wiesheim:
After studying music for three years, Knut concluded that tinkering with computers was better than life as a starving musician. He spent some years using Python to make logistics work better. With a keen interest in learning, he picked up Erlang and gained some Erlang enterprise experience at one of Swedens most successful startups, Klarna. Today he is creating massive multiplayer online games at wooga, Europes biggest social games studio.

As always there will be a lot of networking, an extensive Q&A with each speaker and the talks will be held in english.

Date and time: 08.10.2012 – 7.30 pm
Place: mobilesuite Coworking, Pappelallee 78/79, 10437 Berlin
Register@: http://webmontagberlin.eventbrite.de/