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4th Summer Party // Webmontag Berlin

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After a legendary summer party in 2014 with more than 700 guests @ Prince Charles, we don´t want to miss the chance to do it again this year: So dear friends, speakers, Berlin web and startup scene – we´re more than happy to invite you to celebrate with us! The Berghain Kantine welcomes you!  – eager to party all night long. Join us for some unique DJ Sets and an awesome concert of the fabulous band „Sentryturn“!  Party & network with us!

Since we planed this party largely independent from any sponsers we will have to charge a small entrance fee. But don’t worry, it’s more than worth!

LET’s Rock IT!!! 


Kantine am Berghain
Am Wriezener Bahnhof
10243 Berlin
Get There with Moovit

Doors open: 8.30 pm

Admission only with ticket. At the box office, the tickets are available for 7 Euro and tickets are available as long as stocks last.

Thanks to our Location Sponsor:


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Thanks to our Event Supporter:

Event Supporter

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