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Webmontag Berlin #74 | “UX”

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Für den Webmontag im Juni, möchten wir uns mit dem Thema “UX” – User Experience (Abkürzung UX, wörtlich: Nutzererfahrung, bzw. Nutzererlebnis oder Nutzungserlebnis) beschäftigen.

Was ist UX? Wikipedia umschreibt es so: “Der Begriff User Experience umschreibt alle Aspekte der Erfahrungen eines Nutzers bei der Interaktion mit einem Produkt, Dienst, einer Umgebung oder Einrichtung. Dazu zählen auch Software und IT-Systeme. Meistens wird im Zusammenhang mit der Gestaltung von Websites oder Apps für Smartphones und Tablet PCs von User Experience gesprochen, der Begriff umschließt jedoch tatsächlich das volle Spektrum an Interaktionsmöglichkeiten.

Zum Thema konnten wir folgende Speaker für uns gewinnen:

Slot 1 – Mark Schlusnus (Senior Designer bei Futurice in Berlin) – Thema: “Designing with devs” – (How software design benefits from close collaboration with developers. How design processes need to adapt. How customers need to buy in.)

Slot 2- Marie Schweiz (User Experience & Visual Designer) – Thema: “Reife Wires mit Käse – Über die Qualität von Wireframes”

Wir freuen uns schon jetzt auf einen tollen Abend, mit interessanten Vorträgen und Diskussionen zum Thema “UX” sowie entspannten Networking am Rande.

Wind & Wetter, Brunnenstraße 196 – 10119 Berlin


Webmontag #64 meets Berlin Web Week powered by Adobe

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Berlin’s the hottest place to be! And as summer’s in the city, next monday will be a great day for enjoying an awesome evening.

We’re glad to announce our next Webmontag! Together with our partner Adobe we invite you to join us on Webmontag – summer 2012. We found excellent speakers and experienced experts. Enjoy what’s the latest news from the worlds of design, typography and web technologies, get fantastic tips, and hear the best things that will ease and improve your daily work.

We’re very much looking forward to …


“Using Webfonts at ist best”

Tim Ahrens is a developer and expert on Webfonts and Fonts. He works e.g. with Typekit and will make us become familiar with topics like Subpixel-Rendering, Hinting and the differences between Self- and Service Hosting and the (dis)advantages of each opportunity.


Marie Schweiz works as a freelance Web- & Appdesigner and shows us best practices for achieving better results when web designers and developers collaborate. She tells us about the best ways for working together efficiently and getting the best results by learning how to support each other and avoiding inefficiencies.

“Complex Web Animations and Advanced Mobile Testing”

Andre Jay Meissner (Adobe) presents complex web standard-based animations – and how you can enjoy creating them, even without much manual coding. He’ll also show us what you can do for making mobile debugging really fun – even on various devices at the same time.

As Berlin Web Week with the conferences re:publica and NEXT is now taking place in town, we’ll also give you detailled information on it and then start a Creativity and Coding Contest this evening. In the following four weeks, the competitors  will have time to create a solution for one of the non-profit contest challenges. On 04 june, 2012, we’ll have a Webmontag Summer Party, where also a jury will award the winners.

Our partner Adobe will sponsor beer & BBQ, but also the prizes for the winners of our contest who can e.g. win the new Creative Suite 6 Master Collection and the Creative Suite 6 Design & Web Premium.

After the official part of the event, meet new, creative people and enjoy a great evening. Make sure you can be part of it and register fort ehe event here.

Got curious? Want to know more?
We’d be glad to welcome you, talk to you and have a drink together.

Save the date!

where? mobilesuite Coworking Berlin / Pappelallee 78,79 / 10437 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
when? 07 may 2012, 7 p.m.
get there? take the U2 or the tram unitl Eberswalder Straße, it’s only a 3-minute-walk from there

very important: for making sure you can take part, please register here.

and: like our Facebook fan page and we’ll always keep you up-to-date. We promise.

See you on Monday!