Michael Kühle

wmb_michaMicha is Founder & Managing Partner of conjecter & komelo + Co-Founder and CSO of webvariants.  @feelgood_iq




Kerstin Bock

wmb_kerstin Kerstin Bock is Co-Founder & CEO at Openers & Communications at Tech Open Air Berlin. The studied media sociologist has more than 6 years of experience in Marketing & Communication. Before changing into the advisory world, she used to work for well known media outlets such as BURDA or Holtzbrinck and within the political communication world. Since 2010 the born South German works as communication consultant with a strong focus on young and digital companies. Since 2013 she´s head of Marketing & Communication at Tech Open Air Berlin festival and recently co-founded Openers, Tech Open Airs Sister Company which connects, grows and empowers innovative companies through everything conversational. The focus: Helping technology companies go global and connect corporates with the international startup community. (She´s also mentoring young startups in pr, content marketing & social media, e.g. within the new Accelerator Program of Microsoft Ventures in Berlin.) You can follow her @KerstinKolumna @Opnrs @TOABerlin.