Webmontag Berlin #72 “Crowdfunding” NEW LOCATION

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“…at least 45.000 projects have been succesfully crowdfunded through online donations, to the tune of of more than half a billion dollar in total.” Mat Honan (@mat) wrote in the WIRED magazine, march 2013 issue.

Most have been created on kickstarter.com but the need for niche kategories let more and more other crowdfunding platforms start their business, and at the same time more people try to realize their dream or projects.

We would like to get some insights from our speakers who funded their business, or enable other people to finance their ideas for a better world.

You like mate-tea and you’re somehow a nerd who understands the meaning of leet-talk? Then Claudius from 1337MATE is your man! As cofounder of a business for a natural Mate lemonade, he got the money via crowdfunding from it’s fan community.

If you want to fund something “social”, you should take a look at RALLY.ORG. Started in the USA, they came to Berlin some time ago. We met them at Webmontag #70 and knew that they should speak.

And there is a very important fact: this Webmontag will take place at the guys from rally.org (Markgrafenstr. 12-14, 10969 Berlin) at 7:30pm.

Sadly Joscha Sauer from www.nichtlustig.tv can not make it. He funded a movie of his very famous german nichtlustig comics. But he wants to come to another Webmontag!

After the talks we will speak about the future of (crowd)funding and it’s possabilities.

    Short facts:

The Webmontag #72 will take place on march 18th, 7:30pm, at rally.org, Markgrafenstr. 12-14.

Because the space is limited you really need a ticket! Get one here.

And we are looking for another speaker. So if you think you should also be on stage, send us an email! team@webmontag-berlin.de

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